Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yup ..I'm weird and I like it.

I recently was told that I use the word "weird" a lot.  I really had no idea that my use of theord was out of the normal range. "It's a good word", I responded. "Life is weird".  Perhaps I use it on more of a broader spectrum than most. I mean it applies to so many things:  that tastes weird, that dude is weird looking, I feel weird, the tv is acting weird, that was a weird show, that shirt looks weird with those shoes, what weird weather, Did you hear that weird noise?...ahhh like I said its a great word. Then I thought to myself that really the lady was pretty rigging weird for pointing that out to me.

Well I'm sorry lady I like the word weird because yup I am weird and I like it. I was that kid in high school that had no teen spirit because I wanted to not be the same. I was bored by football and cheerleading. I was not popular and I was not a complete dork either but my friends were both. I liked a day with drama good or bad because for me that was the best parts of life. Today here I am writing my odd blog because I still think the weird parts of life are the best ones.

So yup I like to use the word weird because I am weird.  Try it sometime I bet you will like it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CREEPY CHRISTMAS: You better watch out, you better not shout Krampus Claus is coming to town

Everyone loves a good Christmas story during the Holiday season.  Stories of the good deeds of Santa have been swirling around for centuries. Parents eagerly tell their children to be good, so that Santa brings them lots of goodies. We kind of scare our kids into thinking Santa can punish you by not bringing naughty children gifts. Nothing like the threat of no toys to scare kids into behaving ..right? Where did that start? Its kinda mean right? Well give yourself a break because those are idle threats compared to the story of Krampus aka Santa's evil twin. 
In Austria parents have Krampus in their bag of tricks. 
 "The people in the Alpine regions of Europe dreamt
up the most terrifying anti-Santa of them all; The Krampus.  For generations, parents in Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia frightened their children into being good by telling them blood-curdling tales of The Krampus.  If they were good, they could expect Saint Nicolas to bring them treats.  But if they were bad, the Krampus would show up instead and whip them with sticks and chains.  And if they were really bad, the demon would stuff them into the basket he carried on his back and take them down to hell." source

Apparently today in Germany and Austria its not uncommon for men to dress up as Krampus and scare the children. I don't know about you but, nothing says Merry Christmas like a great horned, hairy, chain dragging,  beast!!

Happy Holidays!!

Some pretty funny videos on Krampus you may wanna check out.....they had me laughing anyway:

Monday, September 30, 2013

Would You Rather? apocalypse zombie scenerios

Last night I finally got to watch World War Z and got to see for myself the "fast zombies". The movie in general was a good rental and I was fully entertained with the zombies themselves (did you see their nasty teeth?). Anyway, I did end up having a terrible nightmare in which of course my world was ending after a terrible pandemic. No worries I was delighted and relieved to wake up to realize it was all a farce. While my heart was still pounding I found myself playing a good round of Would You Rather with myself.  In the middle of the night I was torn between three viral epidemic
disaster scenarios. 

 Which would I rather have happen to me: 

#1. The I Am Legend  Will Smith zombie pandemic
#2. The Walking Dead life 
#3. The War World Z apocalypse ? 

Tough choices right?  There is a lot to consider here. For me, the fast zombies seem like a real run for your life on a constant basis gig. Even with the invisible pill I'd still have to watch those suckers running around freaking out and then they would all have to be killed and well I'm kinda a wuss so ..I'm out.  Now I Am Legend is one of my favorite zombie fliks,but there are like no survivors and those zombies are freakin horrible looking.,,forget that!  So yeah I guess I' d rather hang with the Walking Dead folks. The zombies are kinda slow which is good for those of us who don't work out and there seem to be a good batch of survivors to pass the time with. 

Which would you rather???