Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yup ..I'm weird and I like it.

I recently was told that I use the word "weird" a lot.  I really had no idea that my use of theord was out of the normal range. "It's a good word", I responded. "Life is weird".  Perhaps I use it on more of a broader spectrum than most. I mean it applies to so many things:  that tastes weird, that dude is weird looking, I feel weird, the tv is acting weird, that was a weird show, that shirt looks weird with those shoes, what weird weather, Did you hear that weird noise?...ahhh like I said its a great word. Then I thought to myself that really the lady was pretty rigging weird for pointing that out to me.

Well I'm sorry lady I like the word weird because yup I am weird and I like it. I was that kid in high school that had no teen spirit because I wanted to not be the same. I was bored by football and cheerleading. I was not popular and I was not a complete dork either but my friends were both. I liked a day with drama good or bad because for me that was the best parts of life. Today here I am writing my odd blog because I still think the weird parts of life are the best ones.

So yup I like to use the word weird because I am weird.  Try it sometime I bet you will like it.

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